We Finally Got an Apartment with a Bedroom for Each Child

I told the kids that we would be moving from our two bedroom apartment to one of the nicer 3 bedroom Stone Oak apartments as soon as the lease was up where we were living. My wife could not be happier. Me too for that matter. We moved here in a hurry because of the place where my wife and I both worked went bankrupt. We showed up after a long holiday weekend to find the gate locked with a chain and guards posted. There were big signs that advised how the facility was permanently closed. I did not think that kind of corporate behavior existed in this new century, but it still does. There was not even a warning. I spoke with managers who told me they did not know either.

Well, we scrambled to find work in the same industry, and we found it here in Texas almost a 1000 miles away from where we called home. The landlord back home let us out of our lease without a penalty, and we grabbed the first apartment we could here. I wanted a short term lease, but the landlord would not give us one, so we spent a year in a two bedroom place with 2 kids. Fortunately, our son had no problem with the living room couch as his bed since the video games were connected to the big screen TV.

Moving to The Regency was complete change for all of us. We now had big rooms with a nice bedroom for each child. The ceilings had ceiling fans, there was crown molding, the closets were oversized and we had a garage to park the car in! I never saw an apartment with a private garage. The fitness center was better than any gym I ever had a membership to. This saved us a lot of money each year having a fitness center on site. I am in that gym at least four days per week before the sun comes up. We are all enjoying that big curvy swimming pool too, and I like relaxing out by the fire pit in the evenings with my family and new neighbors.