Trying My Own Method of Weight Loss That Has Worked for Me Before

Losing weight the first time was not all that hard. I was seriously motivated by feeling awful. I have nerve damage in my gut that messes with my digestion, and I was having gallbladder trouble. I got started on weight loss before my gallbladder came out. Then I was able to stick with my strict eating schedule and food amounts to lose over 100 pounds. After reaching a plateau and needing to lose a few more pounds, I actually gained back 30 after starting a medicine. Now I am looking into the best meal replacement shakes to help tide me over to the main meal of the day.

I do best when I eat once per day. However, that can sabotage your metabolism, and it can set you up for nutrient deficiencies. I needed a meal replacement for breakfast and my evening snack. I just wanted to eat once per day around lunchtime or thereabout. Sometimes I get hungry in the mornings, and I needed a controlled caloric intake. If I was to make toast, I would want peanut butter on it. Then I would add a banana and then some dry cereal. It is too much when you add in my main meal. I absolutely have to have that one meal where I feel really full. The others can just be a shake that has a set number of calories.

We all need to take the approach to weight loss that works for us and does not harm our bodies. For me, searching for the best meal replacement shakes helped me get back on track for my weight loss goals. Sure, now I needed to lose the 30 pounds I gained to get back to my low weight progress point, but this time I think I will be able to go ahead and double that and be at a nice weight overall for my size. I do have to add in some muscle mass to maintain a better metabolism, and that will be a little slow going but doable.