Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney Key to Winning My Case

Having just moved to California, I never dreamt that the first item on my “to do” list would be to contact a Sacramento personal injury attorney, but after a nasty fall in the parking lot of a local furniture store, I was left with a mountain of medical bills, no insurance and another surgery scheduled in the next month.

I am definitely not the type to threaten to sue or go running to attorneys for every little thing, but I knew something was odd about the curb and sidewalk in front of the store. Besides being in desperate need of repair, it appeared to be higher than normal. I thought perhaps I was mistaken or there were different requirements in California, and spent a considerable amount of time investigating building codes and ordinances on my own only to be completely overwhelmed by the information I found.

I made an appointment to speak with the furniture store owner who was less than receptive, claimed I was simply “clumsy” and he had no responsibility for the nasty fall I had taken in front of his store. I showed him the report from the emergency doctor I had seen, the x-rays from surgeon who had to place ten pins in my ankle which was badly fractured, and the estimate for my impending surgery and was greeted with the comment that it simply wasn’t his problem. He completely discounted the fact that I had spent several thousand dollars in his store, but did kindly offer to let me return the furniture I purchased from him to furnish my new condo as long as I also agreed to pay a hefty restocking fee.

I knew then I had no choice but to find a Sacramento personal injury attorney to represent me. I had done some of the legwork, but simply had no idea how to proceed. My attorney was able to help me prove my case against the furniture store owner, his liability for my injury and take the burden off my shoulders.