Keeping Up with Oral Care Makes My Dentist Happy

I wanted to make sure that I found the bet Fremont dentist that I could rely on when I moved into the city. I had let my teeth get really bad over the years. Because I let that happen, I had to have a very large amount of work done to my teeth to remedy the situation. So, I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again, and I knew that would depend on me being proactive as well as getting a good dentist that I could see often for important appointments. There was really no way that I ever wanted to be as lazy as I was previously about my oral health.

I would say that I was never really good about flossing. I remember my mom teaching me when I was really young. I also remember her telling me how important it is to floss. I even remember my childhood dentist pointing out the same thing. But I was lazy about it. I only did it every once in awhile when I remember to do it or if I ate something that would become lodged between my teeth. So, not flossing was my first mistake. Separately, I grew up brushing my teeth twice per day. I always did it once in the morning and then once again at night. Over time, I stopped doing that and did it only once per day. That is when my trouble came about.

I had always gotten positive reviews from dentist back when I took better care of my teeth. I had no worries. But when I became lazier about it for a few years, I had quite a few teeth that needed some serious dental care. It doesn’t all that long for it to happen. I would say that just four years of not trying harder is what really affected my teeth.