I Got into a Dirt Bike Wreck

It is not like you never get hurt riding dirt bikes, so I can not really act like I am surprised that I ended up hurting my back. In fact I was out with about five of my friends and some of them were drinking a little more than they should have. After a little bit we started to fool around with this game we invented, although in hindsight it was obviously a very bad idea. One of them crashed into me and after I got home a chiropractor in Cumming GA had to fix my back. It was pretty obvious that I was messed up from the start, but after a bit I got on my feet and I got my bike headed back towards the camp. I had a good first aid kit in the truck and I used bottled water to clean the cuts and bruises, then I did what I was able to do. I stopped at a doctor’s office, one of those urgent care places, and they took a bunch of x rays to see if I had any broken bones.

Obviously I was beat up and I knew it, but the hope was that it was not anything a good night’s sleep would not fix. That did not turn out to be the case. In fact the next morning I was not able to get out of bed for about fifteen minutes and I had to call the boss to tell him that I was going to be late to work. In truth I did not make it until late that afternoon, because I figured that I had to get it fixed and it was best to do it as soon as possible. After I got back from the chiropractor I just worked until I had done most of the stuff that was urgent.