Great Source for Trump Daily News

Finding the latest Trump news can be a real hassle. I never voted for the guy and can’t stand the sight of him, but it is important for Progressives to make sure to keep up on what this man is doing so that he gets away with nothing. I don’t trust the corporate media to keep Trump on a leash, and I certainly don’t expect the Republican party to lift a finger to keep this man in check. I thought maybe the Russia investigations would have revealed the true extent of Trump’s corruption, but the media got distracted by other stuff and now we’re not hearing about it.

I still like to keep tabs on what the media are saying about Trump, however, but there are only so many hours in the day to slog through various websites looking for Trump’s latest shenanigans. That’s why a news feed is so important, but I couldn’t find a good one that worked well on my computer. They would freeze up or I couldn’t get more than a couple of sites loaded up on them. That’s why I looked online for a daily Trump news feed. I wasn’t disappointed. I found a great site.

They don’t have hundreds of news sites on it, not at this point anyway, but they’ve got enough that I can keep up with what is going on. Even better they follow a couple of partisan sites such as The Huffington Post and, I hate to say it, Breitbart. As much as it pains me to visit that site, it’s a good idea to follow it because Bannon is back running it and he’s very close to Trump still. It gives you a great insight to what this man is really doing in the Oval Office. I can’t wait until we can vote this guy out.