Great Source for Trump Daily News

Finding the latest Trump news can be a real hassle. I never voted for the guy and can’t stand the sight of him, but it is important for Progressives to make sure to keep up on what this man is doing so that he gets away with nothing. I don’t trust the corporate media to keep Trump on a leash, and I certainly don’t expect the Republican party to lift a finger to keep this man in check. I thought maybe the Russia investigations would have revealed the true extent of Trump’s corruption, but the media got distracted by other stuff and now we’re not hearing about it.

I still like to keep tabs on what the media are saying about Trump, however, but there are only so many hours in the day to slog through various websites looking for Trump’s latest shenanigans. (more…)

The Sturdy Copper Exercise Frame

I came up with one of the most brilliant ideas while watching an infomercial. The infomercial was about one of those home exercise devices that lets people do pull ups while standing in their door frame. I thought an even better idea would be to make something like that, but as a full frame, rather than something that fits in a door. I wanted to know how much is a pound of copper worth because I wanted to make entire frame out of copper. Copper can be malleable and strong when given the right amount of support, and it would need good support to handle my full body weight while doing pull ups and other exercises. (more…)

Keeping Up with Oral Care Makes My Dentist Happy

I wanted to make sure that I found the bet Fremont dentist that I could rely on when I moved into the city. I had let my teeth get really bad over the years. Because I let that happen, I had to have a very large amount of work done to my teeth to remedy the situation. So, I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again, and I knew that would depend on me being proactive as well as getting a good dentist that I could see often for important appointments. There was really no way that I ever wanted to be as lazy as I was previously about my oral health.

I would say that I was never really good about flossing. I remember my mom teaching me when I was really young. (more…)

I Got into a Dirt Bike Wreck

It is not like you never get hurt riding dirt bikes, so I can not really act like I am surprised that I ended up hurting my back. In fact I was out with about five of my friends and some of them were drinking a little more than they should have. After a little bit we started to fool around with this game we invented, although in hindsight it was obviously a very bad idea. One of them crashed into me and after I got home a chiropractor in Cumming GA had to fix my back. It was pretty obvious that I was messed up from the start, but after a bit I got on my feet and I got my bike headed back towards the camp. I had a good first aid kit in the truck and I used bottled water to clean the cuts and bruises, then I did what I was able to do. (more…)

Got Banged Up in a Wreck

I was just going to work about three weeks ago when I was suddenly spinning around. Someone ran the light and clipped the rear end of my car. Of course when you spin around in an intersection, that is going to be a bad thing for you. At any rate I was in the hospital for a couple of days. It was mostly bumps and bruises and cuts, but I broke my left arm too. After I stopped taking the pain pills I had to go to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic and get my back worked on. In fact that was a little more complicated than that, since I have a real fear of what they do. If you do a little bit of homework, then you can find out really quick that this has a definite potential for disaster. The chiropractor is going to take you back bone and move it around until it is in the right alignment.

That is the theory, but it can go bad and that is something that I want no part of. (more…)